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Review Bali Island, 1001 Things To Do In Bali 7 Januari 2011

Normally I write in Bahasa Indonesia. This time I will write in English. Some translations may look weird since I use Google translate to help me out. ūüėÄ

I can’t blame you if you have in your mind, Indonesia is Bali, and Bali is Kuta Beach. Maybe like my thought about France is Paris, and Paris is Eiffel tower ūüôā

But truly, Indonesia is not just Bali. It has so many stunning places to visit. And also Bali is not just about Kuta. So where else can you go in Bali? Here are the things I did in Bali for 8 days 7 nights. Since this is my first trip to Bali, probably not all places will be shown here. Bali Island is huge (literally). I rent a small car with a GPS phone I brought along that accompanied me during my visit.

Bali is not just watching the amazing blue ocean, but it also has:

– Waterfalls

– Rivers

– Lakes

– Mountains

– Hot springs

– Volcanos

– Hills

– Dances

– Cruises

– Foods from any countries in the world

and other stuffs you won’t find just in one island.

Currently I live in Pontianak, which means I have to travel twice by plane from Pontianak-Jakarta, then Jakarta-Bali. Luckily I don’t have to switch airport terminal. Sadly I travel on peak season on Christmas. The most expensive rate you can spent in 365 days ūüôā

I travelled with my family (total 3 persons). So this review will suits you if you also planning to travel in family groups.


I took the night plane so I have a chance to capture some images from the air. Above is Jakarta. Below is Denpasar night view.

Since I have ordered rent car. The driver wait for me outside terminal building holding my name label. After some administration, the car is mine for 8 days. Nice.

This is the car. Suzuki Karimun Estilo.

Since it already quite late around 21:00, our 1st stop is the nice restaurant called Warung Made’. The location is S8.68937 E115.16773

If you like latino dance, then this restaurant will suit you. Many couples dancing on the dance floor.

Lesson No.1 in Bali is not to do Salsa with high heel woman. You’ll look like this

This is the famous Bali mixed rice. Maybe around 10 ingredients mix together. Watch out, it’s spicy.

Then I drove to my hotel. The Sukun Bali Cottages. Located in Sanur Beach. S8.70508 E115.25941

The hotel is nice, but the price in peak season is terrible. In low season it costs only USD21/night. But I have to pay in peak season for USD61/night. Try avoid Bali in peak season.

Nice and clean hotel. With beautiful pool 1.8 meter depth. You are allowed to swim at night.

The lobby of Sukun Bali Cottages

Don’t worry about the parking. If the front car park are full, you can still park at the behind of your cottage.

This is Sanur Beach. Just walk 400m from the Sukun.

Padang Galak Beach. 8km towards North from Sukun. Every year, surfing competition is held in this area. From here you can see volcano Mt.

In the center of Denpasar City, a big monument called Bajra Sandhi Monument. It is a Balinese People Struggle Monument to salute heroes and is a¬†symbol of¬†life¬†preservation¬†seedbed¬†Balinese¬†people’s struggle¬†from¬†generation¬†to¬†generation¬†and¬†from¬†time¬†to¬†time¬†which can¬†provide¬†innovation¬†and¬†inspiration¬†in¬†filling¬†and¬†maintaining constancy¬†of the Republic of Indonesia. S8.67184 E115.23394. Ticket price per entry USD0.6/person.

Inside the monument, you can climb to the top using the red spinning stairs. So unique that for ladies, you can’t go up if you having periods ūüėÄ

Feel the dizziness while climbing the stairs

On the top of the monument. You can see Denpasar in 360¬ļ view

View from top of monument

At the down stair, it has museum display from the prehistoric human until present journey of Balinese in miniature.

Next POI is Bali Art Center (Taman Budaya Werdhi) located S8.65542 E115.23386. Dances & Arts is the reason to be here.

Balinese dance performed by local students.

Also in Art Center area, you can find pork satay.

Learning some Balinese Dance.

Il Pomodoro Denpasar. Try some italiano cuisine. S8.63650 E115.19548

The famous menu is the Crepelles. You should come if you go to Bali.

Petitenget Beach. S8.68262 E115.15176

Dances & temple is the Bali soul

Nice cafe at Petitenget Beach

This is Seminyak area, small road with many shops

Discovery Mall in Kuta Beach. S8.72845 E115.16793

Want to try slingshot?

Stall in Kuta Street

Kuta Beach

27 Ocean Cozy Dine & Lounge, facing Kuta Beach

Calamari mayonaisse in 27 Ocean

27 Ocean

In Kuta street you’ll find a very unique restaurant. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. A restaurant that inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. And this is the only Bubba Gump restaurant throughout Indonesia. So it’s a waste if you don’t drop by. Recommended menu is the famous Cajun Shrimp. Located: S8.72759 E115.16979

Most merchandises in film Forrest Gump can be found here

What I like in this restaurant is the hanging quotes all over the place.

Burger & french fries

Next thing you should do in Bali is to take a boat cruise from Benoa harbour to Nusa Penida. Whole day trip with this big boat and it’ll take you to Nusa Penida island with water sport facilities for free in a pontoon. Location: S8.75522 E115.22251

Inside of the boat. Can fit 300 passengers at a time. You can choose sit inside, or outside.

They serve breakfast, lunch & evening break. All you can eat.

Mostly activities free in this boat, including man overboard as you please.

Some attraction in boat are Balinese dance, sarong fashion, how to wear snorkeling mask & some diving instruction

It’s a crystal clear water in Nusa Penida island

There’s the pontoon, it’s huge & all your activities start here.

A giant fish approaching the boat when it anchoring near the pontoon

The water is really pure.

Inside the pontoon

Look at the map, the purple line is actually our journey from Bali Island to Nusa Penida island, near Toyopakeh village.

Our first activity is sail with small boat to Toyopakeh village, just about 5 minutes from the pontoon. You can still see the pontoon from the island.

Meet this cute turtle in the village

An old lady make handicraft from string to fabric

Watch cock fighting, place your bets please

Next thing is submarine facilities. Actually it’s just a boat, with underwater room, so you can view the sea bottom from the glass.

It has aircon inside and plenty seats

Just sit relax and watch the fish right in front of your eyes

The subsea boat from distance

Nice clear and green sea bottom

The sea has green side & blue side. Just explore as you like

OK, now let’s try the water facilities. Please wear your safety jacket.

You can’t miss the snorkeling in this trip. Make sure you bring your underwater camera.

So you can shoot photo like this in the water

And capture the beautiful coral reefs underneath the water

And many colorful fish

And ride the banana boat. Can carry 5 people including the guide

Unlimited Waterslide, jump directly to the sea. Very fun.

All you can eat lunch

Sunbathing at the roof top of pontoon

This is seasick look….

Hiks, Quicksilver cruise ends. Back to Benoa harbor. But enjoy stunning cliff view during sail back.

When you arrive at Benoa harbor, I suggest you directly go to Nusa Dua Beach. Since it only 6km away. Location: S8.80230 E115.23742

Nusa Dua is one tourist area in Bali which is located in Badung district.The area is a pilot area that became the pride of Bali and Indonesia was built since 1974. The government handed over management of this region to  the BTDC. Distance Nusa Dua area of the city ofDenpasar is 30 km (by road south Kuta), and distance from the airport is 12 km. This area has the most complete tourismfacilities in Bali, even in Indonesia, such  as accommodation, sportsfacilities, and shopping centers. Until now in this area has builtnine hotels. This area also has beautiful beaches and good for useof recreation and exercise.

After Nusa Dua, you must go to Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant. It a big area for dinner. The unique thing is you will be eating at the seashore. S8.77003 E115.16897

Jimbaran is a place where fishermen dock and fish market center located in the region of Badung district. White beach for sunbathing and sailing with a traditional boat. At sunset while enjoying dinner you will see the hotels lights located in the cliffs at the south coast and watched the airplane that take off and landing at Ngurah Rai Airport.

If you get confused with the food menu, just order package. Enough for 1 family.

At the night, watch the trail of the airplane took off from the runway

Night scene, so romantic and some local musician will play from table to table

The next day, we travelled to Ubud. This is the GPS I used. Very helpful, makes me feel like I know the road though actually I’ve never been there before. Along the way to Ubud, you’ll pass the Batubulan Area. Batubulan is¬†a¬†village¬†within¬†the scope of¬†Sukawati¬†District¬†Gianyar of¬†Bali¬†Province.¬†Batubulan¬†village¬†was originally¬†known as¬†an¬†agricultural¬†village¬†that¬†is rich in¬†arts¬†including¬†Dance¬†and¬†Art Carving.¬†The structure of¬†agrarian¬†society¬†and¬†culture¬†that¬†is informed by¬†Hinduism¬†became¬†the basis¬†of¬†community¬†life of Batubulan¬†Village.¬†Batubulan¬†very¬†famous¬†as the¬†object of¬†a¬†typical Barong¬†Dance¬†Tour.¬†The village is¬†situated¬†on the¬†route Denpasar-Gianyar¬†approximately¬†10¬†km¬†from¬†Denpasar¬†and¬†21¬†km from¬†Gianyar.¬†Every¬†day¬†the foreign tourists watching¬†barong¬†dance¬†performances¬†in¬†five¬†places.¬†Besides,the¬†tourists¬†also¬†can¬†see¬†the¬†Rock¬†stone¬†sculptors¬†make¬†sculptures for¬†home decorating¬†hotels, crossroads,¬†bridges¬†and¬†temples.

Tourists from all over the world gather here to watch Barong and Keris Dance Show. Location: S8.61045 E115.25823

The Barong Show

The Keris Show

The performers stab their chest but none of the keris knife penetrate the body. One of the guy is actually possessed by the ancestor spirit.

Along the route to Ubud, you’ll see lots and lots art carving stone shop. Wish i could put one in my bag..

Next to visit is Bali Zoo. Location: S8.59154 E115.26536

This zoo is very well organized, clean, and no bad smell. If you like animals this is the place for you

The bird likes to bite my glasses. Means I’m a good guy

Not so sure what’s this, maybe somekind of civet cat. Also likes me a lot.

Even an orangutan posed nicely to me. Maybe it knows we are from the same province

If you dare, you can hold a giant bat.

Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar, Bali, has long been known to travelers as the center of fashion, artwork, and souvenirs. This market not only domestically but also visited arrivals of foreign tourists. Sukawati Art Market fame, is reasonable. In addition to product quality, price was affordable. At a glance, Sukawati Art Market is no different from other traditional markets. However, when observed more closely, it turns out the market stood three decades ago has various types of high value commodities. Sukawati Art Market is different with or Ubud Legian. This market is hunted travelers because of its lower price. Stall owner was known to be flexible in determining the price to the buyer.The seller sell products from various price levels. Most cheap fabric belt sold between Rp15-20 thousand, hundreds of thousands rupiahs to some that reached Rp 2 million per piece. The sellers also markets a number of products to Asian countries.
Post-Bali bombing, two years ago, Sukawati economy continues improve to these day. The traders also began to improve service and quality products are export oriented. They realized, Art Market Sukawati image should be maintained or even enhanced. Location: S8.60341 E115.27991

Make sure you do bargain

For lunch you should visit Warung Bu Oka, taste the famous suckling pig. Location: S8.53034 E115.27141

The fried pig

This is before chopped…

Make sure you come earlier otherwise you’ll see this sign

This is Ubud Town. First to go is the Antonio Blanco Museum. Antonio Blanco has passed away. Now his son Mario Blanco replace him. Blanco was an Spain-American paint artist. Died in Bali aged 87 years old. Most of his paints are Balinese girl. Location: S8.50550 E115.25450

Michael Jackson was here too.

Welcome drink before enter the museum

This is the main entrance

Sadly, no camera inside.

Don’t tell anyone okay. This is hidden camera….see the sign?

This is the room where Blanco draws his paintings

Now go to my 2nd hotel, The Ulun Ubud Resort & Spa.

Nice room & it’s very cold

This is the view from my balcony

The terrace & the welcome drink

The swimming pool

If you have plenty of time in Bali, visit Bias Tugel beach near Padang Bai. It’s quite far from Denpasar City, and frankly, from outside nothing surprise you. If you see this sign, probably you’ll drive back to Denpasar. But honestly it’s kind of fooling people. The beach is damn beautiful. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Location: S8.53632 E115.50896

Bias Tugel beach. Pure blue & quite beach. If you like to spend some time in Bali, this is the beach you’re looking for. Good thing is it’s free to visit.

But before that, you have to walk hundreds of metres on rocky and grassy pathway

But it’s all worth every step you take

And it makes me want to jump nonstop

Near Padang Bai, you’ll pass Goa Lawah Temple. Goa means cave. Very¬†interesting¬†place¬†to¬†visit for its¬†strategic location¬†off the coast with stunning¬†sea¬†and¬†Nusa¬†Penida¬†island¬†in the¬†distance. On¬†the beach sometimes¬†tourists¬†can watch¬† the¬†ceremonial¬†activities¬†and¬†also see the¬†bats¬†hanging¬†on the¬†edge of the¬†cave. Location: S8.55224 E115.46791

Luckily we arrive one day before big ceremony. So we can witness some preparations by some religious local for tomorrow ceremony.

You are not in Ubud until you taste the most delicious grill in town. Nuri’s Mexican Bar & Grill. Location: S8.49329 E115.25276

The spare ribs of Nuri’s will make you return to Ubud

Near Ubud, there’s a temple inside a cave. Called Pura Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple). Elephant cave temple located in the village Bedulu, District Blahbatuh the Regency of Gianyar.¬†The distance from Denpasar Approximately 26 km, very easy to achieve.¬†There are art stalls and restaurants.¬†This temple is in surround by rice fields with beautiful river canyon Petanu, located on the tourist route Denpasar – Tampaksiring – Lake Batur – Kintamani.¬†Nearby there are historic places like Yeh Pulu, samuan Three Building, Statue, Arjuna Metapa, Kebo Edan, Pusering Jagat, Penataran Sasih and others.But Goa Gajah unknown origin with certainty.¬†The name is a combination name Pura Guwa (local name) with the name contained in the ancient inscriptions which Ergajah and Lwa Elephant. Ratna Kunjarapada and Anta Kunjarapada are from the late tenth century until the end of the century Fourteen (State Kertagama).¬†Kekunaan is supported by the Archaeological Heritage.¬†In the courtyard there are petirtaan Pura Goa Gajah Kuna 12 x 23 m2, divided into three chambers. North side there are three fountains and statues, in the South there are statues shower cubicle as well, while in the middle chamber there are only a neat statue.Approximately 13 meters north of there petirtaan Hermitage Goa or niche form of the letter T.¬†Goa Lorong size: 2.75 M width, height of 2.00 M.¬†Right on the left aisle there are niches to meditate, the numbers 15 pieces.¬†In the niche most tip of East and West there are Trilingga Ganeca Arca.¬†Pura Goa Gajah yard also found fragments of buildings that can not be reconstructed.¬†Wall around the West also on the cliff penanggul. About 100M South adjacent petirtaan found the remains of enshrinement Cliff.¬†Most foot section of the temple is still there – the other part has collapsed into the existing foot in front.¬†An umbrella Chatra 13 lying alongside the foot of it.¬†Body temple was wearing a very beautiful decoration.There is also a part Chatra trifurcate.¬†Two statues of Buddha with an attitude Dhynamudra placed on a throne near the niche that is almost broken.¬†Faced with this enshrinement hermitage also found a niche.¬†In front of this niche built resort and a pool. Location: S8.52290 E115.28733

The fountains of Goa Gajah

The statues

The elephant cave

Inside the cave

Other nice point of interest is Tirta Empul temple at Tampaksiring village. Tampaksiring is a village located 36 km from Denpasar. Pura Tirta Empul as relics of the kingdom in Bali, one of several interesting ancient relics to be seen and known in this village. Next to the West Temple at an altitude is the Presidential Palace which was built on the rule of President Sukarno.Regarding the name of the temple is most likely taken from a spring contained within this temple named Tirta Empul as mentioned above. Etymologically that Empul Tirta means water that gushed out of the ground. So Empul Tirta means holy water that gushed out of the ground. Water flows into the river Tirta Empul Pakerisan. Along the river there are some ancient relics.The establishment of this temple is expected in the year 960 AD at the time of King Chandra Bhayasingha Warmadewa Dynasty. As always would Рbe in Bali, the temple is divided into three parts which are Jaba Pura (Home), Jaba Tengah (Central page) and Offal (Home In). In the Middle Jaba there are 2 (two) pieces of the long rectangular pool and the pool has 30 pieces that lined shower from East to West facing South. Each Рeach shower, according to tradition has its own name such as shower Pengelukatan, Pebersihan, Sudamala and shower Cetik (Poison). Cetik shower and the name Tirta Empul nothing to do with mythology titanic battle Mayadenawa King Stone Anyar (Bedahulu) with Bhatara Indra. In mythology it is told that King Mayadenawa be arbitrary and does not allow people to carry out the ceremony Рreligious ceremony to beg salvation from God Almighty. After the act was known by the Gods, then the gods headed by Indra attacked Mayadenawa Bhatara. Finally Mayadenawa can be defeated and fled towards the north side came to the Village Tampaksiring. As a result miracle Mayadenawa create a spring Cetik (poison) which resulted in many of the paramilitary Bhatara Indra who died from drinking the water. Seeing this Bhatara Indra immediately plunged his spear and emit water out of the ground (Tirta Empul) and Holy water is used so as not to splatter the gods could live a while longer as usual. Location: S8.41650 E115.31510

Some prayers drinking the holy water

This is the view at Kintamani village. The mountain is Batur Mt. About 1700m above sea level. At the valley you can see the large lake called Batur Lake. Location: S8.28285 E115.36464

Batur lake

The valley road

Toya Bungkah Hot Spring. Toyobungkah is located in Batur Village area, situated at the foot of Mount Batur or western edge of Lake Batur, a distance of approximately 6 km from the village  of residence, 38 km from Bangli Town and 78 km from Denpasar City. Toyobungkah Natural Hot Springs used to soak the body because they can cure diseases especially skin diseases. The water is accommodated in a small pond which is located next to Lake Batur. Because the location of the hot tubs are very close to Lake Batur, the view over the lake to be free so that from a far looks beautiful where the east side of Lake Batur surrounded look Trunyan  Village area of verdant hills. Besides beautiful scenery, cool weather Toyobungkah, so it is not surprising that a famous poet and writer Ali Syahbana Sutan Fate chose Toyobungkah as a place to establish a building called the Hall  of Art Toyobungkah place that used to hold various kinds of art. On the way to Toyobungkah we will be a lot like a beautiful scenery of mountains and Lake Batur, jackfruit, and other plants as well as the stack traces of lava that has become a rock that looks beautiful. On the highway east toward Toyobungkah there is a large temple of Pura Jati. Toyobungkah has a charm and beauty to many tourists and aiming to climb Mount Batur, tent, bathing,recreation or a close look at its beauty. In this place there are two hot tubs adjacent to the pool of natural hot water that can be used for the public, especially people around this place, was the only hot tubs have been built with walls Penyengker, this place is reserved for foreign tourists and local tourist. Location: S8.25116 E115.40018

USD4.5 if you like to swim in hot pool

Near kintamani there’s a temple called Batur Temple

Back to ubud, this is Dewi Sita street

Anything you need can be found in this street

Try snack at Juice Ja Cafe Dewi Sita Street Ubud

Near Sita Dewi street there are 2 places that perform Barong Dance & Kecak Dance. This time i watch the Kecak Dance. And this yellow paper is the explanation what Kecak Dance is.

The kecak dance is not accompany by orchestra. But with the sound of the performer itself.

Fire kecak dance. So exciting. The performer step on the burning dried coconut.

Many souvenir shop in Ubud’s area. This one at Restoran Murni’s

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple at Bedugul. It’s in the lake. Location S8.27578 E115.16618

Kebun Raya Bedugul. Bedugul Botanical Garden is located in the west 0byek Bedugul and it is a complex of forest nature reserves. Forests are arranged in such away as to manifest a beautiful scenery and comfortable. On the sidelines of the trees that shade lay the verdant grass and flowers planted along diverse paths in the surrounding woods that add air coolness and stillness of the atmosphere. Besides the beautiful scenery and verdant there is also a greenhouse building that usedfor experiment and development of plants, especially orchids. There are also thousands of other plants are properly maintained professionally. Location: S8.28352 E115.16176

Near the botanical garden, try the local cuisine, fried cat fish. Location: S8.28437 E115.15999

Along the way from Danau Bratan to Gitgit, you’ll meet a group of monkeys playing in side road. Make sure you stop and feed them.

Arrive at Gitgit twin waterfall. Location: S8.20215 E115.14025

The water flow from waterfall

The Gitgit twin waterfall

You can play at the waterfall

Arrived at Singaraja City

Just about 8KM from Singaraja is Lovina Beach where you can meet Dolphins in the morning. Location S8.16106 E115.02437

In the Tabanan area, must visit temple is the popular Tanah Lot temple. So unique that it’s actually standing at the sea.

This temple was founded in the XV century AD by Rauh Bawu  Nirartha Rawuh or originating from the kingdom of Majapahit. Pura Tanah Lot is located at sea or separated from the mainland and around this temple there are also several small and big temples include Pura Pekendungan. Below and to the west there is resources of fresh water that is sacred to Hindus water. Pura Tanah Lot is located in the village of Kediri District Beraban + 13 km from the town of Tabanan, complete with adequate parking. When low tide visitors can directly get to the temple to pray. Below there are some cave temples in which lived a few large snakes and small black and white. The snakes are very tame and should not be disturbed. If the high tides, the temple will look like a boat floatingon the water. At Tanah Lot, we can witness the emergence of a full moon at night and sunsets on the horizon, is a very beautiful scenery.

The other side of Tanah Lot. Location: S8.61976 E115.08715

Sadly, we arrived at Ku De Ta Restaurant at night. Sunset in this area is very beautiful. Location: S8.68686 E115.15494

My 3rd hotel. Seminyak Paradiso Hotel. Located near Seminyak Beach. S8.69199 E115.16318

Seminyak beach in the morning

Now explore the southern area of Bali. First to visit is GWK, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. S8.80937 E115.16492

Garuda¬†Wisnu¬†Kencana,¬†County¬†/¬†City:¬†Badung. The statue¬†is¬†located¬†in¬†Bukit¬†Unggasan¬†–¬†Jimbaran¬†Bali. Masterpiece¬†Balinese¬†I Nyoman¬†Nuarta.¬†Currently¬†developed¬†as a park¬†and¬†a¬†landmark¬†for¬†cultural¬†tourism¬†in Bali¬†and¬†Indonesia.
The statue¬†is¬†tangible¬†god¬†Vishnu¬†in Hinduism¬†is¬†Lord¬†Protector, riding a¬†Garuda¬†bird.¬†Taken¬†from the¬†story¬†“Garuda¬†&¬†empire”¬†in which¬†a sense of¬†devotion¬†and¬†sacrifice of¬†the bird¬†Garuda¬†to¬†save his¬† mother¬†from¬†slavery¬†ultimately¬†protected¬†by¬†the god¬†Vishnu. The statue¬†was¬†built¬†with¬†a height of¬†140¬†meters,¬†is projected¬†tobind¬†with the¬†spatial¬†visibility¬†to¬†20¬†km¬†so that it can¬†be seen¬†from Kuta,¬†Sanur,¬†Nusa¬†Dua¬†up to¬†Tanah¬†Lot.¬†Garuda¬†Wisnu¬†Kencanastatue¬†is¬†a¬†symbol¬†of¬†environmental¬†rescue mission¬†and the world.

The area is huge. That’s why you can rent a segway or ATV to explore GWK.

Still in GWK area, you can drive to this sculpture. Like it warn you something.

Maybe it warn you to put the sunscreen

Balangan beach. S8.78994 E115.12529

Beach at Karma Kandara Resort. Location: S8.74621 E115.24309

Dreamland beach. S8.74621 E115.24309

The unique Padang-Padang Beach, only one path through the beach. If you meet others than you or him must take turn. S8.81069 E115.10289

Padang-padang beach

Suluban beach from top. S8.81704 E115.08857

Suluban beach

But before you reach the beach, you have to climb ladders up & down. Buth the view is breathtaking.

Worth the walk

The truly nice place to relax. Or massage.

Suluban beach is the heaven for surfer

Some of the top’s world surfer was here

If you go to Bali. Don’t just sit on you hotel room. Sit here! This is the best place to have some cold beer

You’ll miss the beaches and the cliffs

The Uluwatu temple. S8.82975 E115.08543

Uluwatu Temple Area. Environmental Luhur Pura Uluwatu is expected to built around the 11th century, the same age as the professor who founded pelinggih Kuturan within Pura Besakih. The place has been selected by the Reverend Danghyang Nirarta to achieve moksa that is fused with Sang Hyang Creator of the Universe. In Environmental Pura has grown shrubs are guarded by tame monkeys and protected by local society. Uluwatu is located on the hills the rocks in the southern island of Bali. Uluwatu including Pecatu Village area, district of Kuta, Badung regency. From Denpasar, about 30 km to the south through the tourist area of Kuta, Ngurah Rai Airport Tuban and Jimbaran Village. The place is very good for sports surfboard.

Small chapel at Ayana Resort (former Ritz Carlton) S8.78501 E115.13808

Watch the movie Eat, Pray Love before you come to Bali.

Near my hotel, there’s a nice hotel, just at the seaside. Anantara Seminyak Hotel. The room is superb and they have a large restaurant at the roof top, and beach thai restaurant at the bottom. S8.69269 E115.15887

This is the roof top restarurant called S.O.S

The appetizer

Ok that’s all for Bali review. Last but not least. Bring souvenirs for your friends and the following wood crafts look like suit for everyone ūüėÄ

Balinese Penis…



These are my spent:

– USD305 for two way air travel per person

– USD167 for 3 nights in Sukun Cottages Bali

– USD134 for 2 nights in Ulun Ubud Resort & Spa

– USD195 for 2 nights in Seminyak Paradiso Hotel

– USD175 for 8 days car rent

– USD61 for one day Quick Silver Cruise per person

– and other spending

And most important, if you like to explore Bali yourself without any tour guide like I did, make sure to bring GPS. Garmin Asus A10 is the one I use.


Website you might want to visit:

PDF in Indonesia language, place of interests:

Custom POI for Garmin Nuvi device:

Garmin GDB for Bali:


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35 Responses to “Review Bali Island, 1001 Things To Do In Bali”

  1. rizald.alkaaf Says:

    mangstab reviewnya
    ane yg hidup dibali aja blm tentu bisa bkin ya begini :p

  2. agus6 Says:

    Very nice review, make me want to fly immediately to Bali:)
    Oh ya, bikin foto2nya semua pake kamera apa ya Om Syd?

  3. mantugaul Says:

    agus6: 90% nikon d5000, 10% sisa A10 dan sony underwater

  4. Says:

    Wow,tons of stunning pictures here.
    My favourites are Ulun Danu Bratan temple and waterflows one.
    Thanks for sharing a nice story of Bali’s trip..
    Made me felt like i was never to Bali before.

  5. *like this a lot….
    Just one word: Awesome!

  6. ngadinosaja Says:

    Kapan-kapan saya akan mengikuti rute perjalanan Anda, kecuali Nusa Penida. Ada pengalaman tidak menyenangkan, saat itu sedang musim ombak jadi hanya terbaring lemas karena seharian mabuk laut di Ponton.
    Minus menginap di hotel, karena saya tinggal di Pulau Ini ūüôā
    Review-nya Mantabs!!

  7. Gama Says:

    Biaya rental mobil belum dimasukin, oom?

  8. Gama Says:

    sorry mata lieur, sdh ada yak USD175
    ga bisa pake rupiah? atau wajib USD?

  9. mantugaul Says:

    Gama: Rp225.000/day boss

  10. Ivan Lesmana Says:

    gokil share-an-nyaaaa…!! LIKESS..!! xie-xie broh…! *donlot pdf-nya aah…

  11. mantugaul Says:

    Ivan Lesmana: mustinya ane kursus bareng suhu IL 3 bulan dulu baru foto…byk foto gagal…

  12. edy Says:

    Gitu ya….. dateng ngga kontek-kontek…. udah lupa ama saya….

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Agung Hutama Putra, Luky L. Hakim, escapadepictures and others. escapadepictures said: RT @getlostisgood: RT @mantugaul: 1001 Things To Do In Bali […]

  14. Suharta Says:

    Nice review… I bookmarked this page, as reference for next my trip in Bali

  15. mantugaul Says:

    edy: jiahhhh nanti deh boss edy permono pas lebaran hehehe…nanti nginap ke rumah anda hahaha…gimana trip ke jepang? ūüôā

  16. andiglo Says:

    Ooo ke Bali ya Bos w kira Latitudenya bos lg mabuk makanya kok akhir thn maren posisinya disana…liburan yg menyenangkan ya bos..he3x

  17. willy Says:

    Hallo Bro Mantugaul,
    Juli nanti mau bawa anak jalan2 ke bali nih, tapi cuma 4 malam aja….dulu udah pernah kesana, tapi belum puas deh kayaknya, gak nemu tempat2 yang unik dan bagus, ..saran dong tempat2 yg unik, anakku menjelang remaja nih.

    tks ya.

  18. mantugaul Says:

    willy: tempat2 bagus ikuti foto2 diatas dan pdf nya…kalau pakai a10 lebih maknyoss udah saya buat titik2 eksotik bali…gak pakai nanya orang lagi jalannya…

  19. awesome pictures…

  20. Anonim Says:

    Pin Pin> Luar biasa Bro reviewnya :). kapan2 minta petunjuk ya.

  21. Susan Says:

    thanks bro for ur review…GBu

  22. prazetyo Says:

    Wah, reviewnya baguuuss banget. seneng sekali bacanya. dari membaca reviewnya, wes jadi pingin ke bali lagi. ternyata masih banyak tempat yang belum saya datangi….matur nuwun…sangat bermanfaat

  23. Bali is great . I spent there my holidays last year and i will be there again soon. Can’t wait. thanks for this post.Bali has tons to offer anyone who is seeking to have fun

  24. Iwan Says:

    Hai…Bro Mantugaul
    Nice review, saya kepikiran utk nyetir sendiri + sewa GPS (buta jalan), apakah GPS di Bali reliable?

  25. mantugaul Says:

    Iwan: sangat reliable

  26. Bambang Says:

    pake peta apa bang enaknya buat bali?
    dulu pake navnet sampe sana masih dikit yg di cover. gak tau deh sekarang udah full dicover kah?

  27. Bambang Says:

    btw koordinat dreamland salah ya? Dreamland beach. S8.74621 E115.24309
    koordinat lain belum saya cek.

  28. mantugaul Says:

    Bambang: terima kasih koreksinya coba: S8.79928 E115.11794

  29. Goyoh Says:

    wah ini ruar biasa, photo2nya mantabs, kenapa ndak coba tinggal di villa di bali bli Syd?

  30. mantugaul Says:

    Goyoh: tinggal di motel aja udah ngos2an duitnya wkwkwk

  31. marsa Says:

    The guidelines photo you provided listed above are extremely precious. It been found this type of pleasurable surprise to obtain that expecting me when I visit your site today. They’re constantly to the issue easy to learn. Thanks a large amount for any valuable ideas you’ve got shared right here.

  32. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would
    cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  33. just for information : Bali trekking organizer who organize Trekking Tours, jungle adventure, hiking, mountain treks in Bali : thank you very much…

  34. i love bali, every visit feels like being in heaven on earth. the warmth of the balinese people and the scenery are unbeatable. i enjoy staying at small cottages around the jimbaran areas, they provide a lot of privacy and at night it is really quite and nice to have a stroll a long the beach. bali offers a vast living experience, you can live like a movie star or just enjoy a budget stay with the local village, both just as fine. i love bali and looking forward to my next visit.

  35. Ngurah Says:

    Artikel yang bagus, fotonya juga keren, terutama yang snorkeling itu..

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