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Why are you excited about Nokia World 2011? 14 Oktober 2011

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Regarding to this post:

I have to make a story, telling why am I excited about Nokia World 2011.

Frankly I don’t even know that there’s such thing called Nokia World. Don’t know what it is and where it’s going to be held.

But after I seen the picture from the link above which is:

I have a conclusion, I GOTTA BE THERE!

Imagine you love chocolates, and you have tested many kind of chocolates, then suddenly someone asked you to go to Chocolate World. How do you feel?

That’s it, I have tested many of Nokia phones, and suddenly there’s something called Nokia World. I would do anything to attend it. No matter what!

Can I prove to you that I have tested many kind of Nokia phones? Yes, check this out on Ponsel section.

See the Ponsel section, my first and my last review about Ponsel are Nokia phones review. How’s that? Is there anything can make me more excited than going to Nokia World? I will lick it if I have to…Hahahaha…

Photo by:

Photo by:

Photo by:

*Ponsel is abbreviation of telePON SELuler (Indonesia language), in English means Cellular Phone


9 Responses to “Why are you excited about Nokia World 2011?”

  1. KreatifAkuisisi Says:

    Small World…Big World…Nokia World 2011…
    Be there bro
    Btw,it’s a perfect birthday gift for me 🙂

  2. mantugaul Says:

    KreatifAkuisisi: you mean the girl is a perfect birthday gift for you? lol

  3. DOM Says:

    ngincer hp symbian belle murah dgn kemampuan setara android namun irit batere..

  4. ay0nk Says:

    pak, toko navigasi ada jual repeater(penguat signal hp) yang gsm, indoor dan outdoor? Klo ada berapa harganya?

  5. mantugaul Says:

    ay0nk: ada oom…

  6. mantugaul Says:

    Hendra: gpp, udah dijapri org nokia connects nanya saya mau review hape nokia gak…

  7. edhot Says:

    bung mantugaul, tolong riview donk..ASUS Eee PC X101 (meego)..penasaran mirip meego-nya N9 atau nggak..makasih..:D

  8. mantugaul Says:

    edhot: siap, ditunggu kirimannya…

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