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Mantugaul WordPress Is Now Moved To Mantoegaul Blogspot 20 April 2015

Filed under: Info — mantugaul @ 5:09 pm

Time to (temporary) say goodbye to WordPress that has accompanied us since 2007.

I’m out of space for picture hosting/storage. WordPress is giving free storage for 3GB and I’ve using all of it.

Oh well, nothing I can do because I also can’t afford $99/year for premium plans.

So starting this moment, I’m going to switch to another famous blogging site. Blogger alias Blogspot.

So if you guys still want to follow my reviews, go ahead click:


And don’t forget to subscribe your email for being notify each new post is published in blogspot

ps. If someday wordpress giving us extra space, I probably will return again 🙂


April 20, 2015