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Review Bali Island, 1001 Things To Do In Bali 7 Januari 2011

Normally I write in Bahasa Indonesia. This time I will write in English. Some translations may look weird since I use Google translate to help me out. πŸ˜€

I can’t blame you if you have in your mind, Indonesia is Bali, and Bali is Kuta Beach. Maybe like my thought about France is Paris, and Paris is Eiffel tower πŸ™‚

But truly, Indonesia is not just Bali. It has so many stunning places to visit. And also Bali is not just about Kuta. So where else can you go in Bali? Here are the things I did in Bali for 8 days 7 nights. Since this is my first trip to Bali, probably not all places will be shown here. Bali Island is huge (literally). I rent a small car with a GPS phone I brought along that accompanied me during my visit.

Bali is not just watching the amazing blue ocean, but it also has:

– Waterfalls

– Rivers

– Lakes

– Mountains (more…)